Influencing customer action through brand interaction.

Brand activation is not a meaningless buzzword that marketers created, even though it might sound phony to a lot of us. Brand activation is what we do to make your brand known to individuals through a variety of brand experience, improving their brand knowledge and commitment.If your brand is a dead cold and lifeless, our activation strategies will work as a firelighter.

The world of marketing has more channels than ever before and it is essential for you to know how your brand activation experience can be linked across different touch points. Becausethere’s no point in putting valuable resources into something that is not going to work out for you. So we step in for you and map a plan that is in line with your objectives and resources.

Our Brand Activation service includes: Experiential marketing, Sampling campaigns, In-store brand activation, Sales Campaign, D2D and other customized services.


Creating experiences both domestic and worldwide.

You might think that you don’t need any assistance to make your dream event come true, but you REALLY DO!! Organizing events are complicated, stressful and chaotic. So instead of going through all that drama, why don’t you let us do what we do best, manage and execute your events!

To us, it is the most rewarding job on planet. Our creative, intense, energetic and varied ideas will cater to any kind of event needsExhibitions, Sports events, Festivals and Concerts Meetings, Roadshows, Conferences, Charity events, Fashion events Parties, Awards, Launches, VIP events and a lot more. The list doesn’t stop there. We do private events as well such as Weddings, Birthdays, High Teas and more.

We know how much your event matters to you and that’s why we don’t discriminate against the nature of the event, budget or modality. We treat your vision with respect.


A multi-purpose approach aimed towards swaying the end-customer.

There’s good chances that you’re here surfing our services, because you saw our ad/page on facebook. Businesses now have dedicated teams for Social Mediamarketingas it has become more relevant, accessible, and customizable and pocket friendly than ever.
But social media is a tough nut to crack. People get bored, agitated and sometimes offended. The campaign you were hoping would boost your business, actually backfires.

We are just the right people for this job as our expertise allow us to design campaigns that promises maximum reach, stronger brand loyalty and falls in line with your PR Strategies. So, what’s holding you back, Crack the code and tap the market with our experts by your side!


Building towards a positive and long-lasting association.

Our PR experts assist you to develop a favorable reputation in your business environment through multiple communications, including traditional media, social media, and personal commitments.
A PR specialists are basically storytellers that makes your audience see you as the knight in shining armor. If a mistake has been made, we step in to control the damage.

Our expertise include: Media relations, Advertorials, Social media, Brochures and catalogues, Business events, Speaking engagements, Sponsorships or partnerships, Employee relations, Community relations and many more.


Formulating strategies to boost the supply-chain network.

Imagine if it’s hard to sell your service to customers how hard would it be to sell it to another business?  Got the picture? Now multiply it with 100. That’s how tough trade marketing is.
So leave that task to us and breathe a little.

Our dedicated team uses a variety of trade marketing methods to help you achieve your target. We specialize in trade shows, trade promotions, branding, strategic partnership, ongoing market research, digital marketing etc. All these methods in return allow us to create plans and ideas to develop your brand into a better position.


Streamlined human capital management at a feasible cost.

HR Outsourcing…. you may have distressed flashback from the last time you tried it. But we assure you issues like loss of flexibility and control, doesn’t occur with our efficient team.

You can ask for a la carte for facilities, depending on the magnitude of your company and how much power you want to keep over HR functions. Whatever the HR requirement of your company is or whatever HR you want to outsource, we are able to fulfill those needs all across Bangladesh.Leave your HR outsourcing on us and enjoy reduced cost, increased efficiency, access to HR expertise nationally, increased flexibility, speed of response, reduced risk.